Have you been thinking about how to make your house into a true home? Or are you buying a house that needs the same attention? Where do you begin? This book will get you started, see you through it, and make home design doable rather than daunting.

Charming and accessible, House to Home is a beginner-friendly guidebook for creating a home that supports your life the way you live it. With practical, hard-earned wisdom, architect Devi Dutta-Choudhury guides you through the process from the foundation up.
Dive into home design with charts, questionnaires, and sketch pages that help you confidently approach and define your renovation. With Dutta-Choudhury’s relatable expertise, you’ll begin to think more like an architect. From understanding the site, working with architects, and being your own contractor to deciding when to redesign and when to leave alone, this book teaches core concepts about privacy, use of space, lighting, access, and more. Whether it’s just one room or your whole house, House to Home is here to help.

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